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Time to say something again

George Munroe   Wed 27 May 2015

For a few years now I've been rather quiet! Perhaps I've been a little dismayed at the low signal to noise ratio in what were once my preferred communications channels. Not to mention the profusion of new channels and readiness of so many to flit between them all, spending valuable time monitoring and reacting, often with total insensitivity to those in present company.

However, now that I have a responsible post at Jisc as well as obligations to Platypus and other companies I'm involved in to a lesser extent, I've decided I need to publish something, however small, to register my views on some of the things that I'm working on, or indeed have had past and present experience of.

This won't be a deluge… I'd much rather register a few well considered posts and generate some productive dialogue, lay down some markers for others to build on or chisel at in a worthwhile honing process.

Oh, and I'm using this web site as the definitive source of my posts. No bouncing between social networks, all my accounts will point to here. And of course this is an ETINU site, so I have opportunity to develop features and experiment with new technologies as I see fit, as I talk.

Hope it's not too boring :-).